Taeyeon Kim - 수렴과 발산 Form and Variation
18 Nov—18 Dec 2021

Kim Taeyeon's solo exhibition is titled 'Convergence and Divergence: Form and Variation'. in mathematics, convergence is a property of approaching a limit more and more explicitly as an argument of the function increases or decreases to an extreme. On the other hand, divergence ...
Gunwoo Shin - Sik 蝕
7 Oct—6 Nov 2021

Sik, the title of Gunwoo Shin's solo exhibition comes from the Sino-Korean character 蝕, meaning "to eat into, erode, encroach upon, or eclipse." It is a compound character of the radicals 食 and 蟲, meaning to eat and insect, respectively. The visual metaphor of Sik overlaps wi ...
Jin Meyerson - RETURN
25 Aug—26 Sep 2021

Gallery 2 and Johyun Gallery are pleased to present RETURN, a sequential solo project by Jin Meyerson. Spanning 7 locations and over 2 years, the culmination of this project will be featured at Gallery 2, Seoul; Johyun Gallery’s Dalmaji, and Haeundae spaces, Busan; and an AR el ...
Suyeon Kim - HOLD ME
8 Jul—7 Aug 2021

Gazing at the sky, turning one's eyes to the heavens, is often a gesture of escape, even if only for that moment. In that elevated place, there are no burdensome worries nor are there issues that demand attention. Although humanity cannot grasp the sky or the heavens, it has bee ...
Sejin Kwon - CMYK
27 May—26 Jun 2021

Azur skies and cotton clouds, golden glitters of sand, a quietly babbling river, a ray of sunlight through the glass window pane, and the saturated dusk parallaxed on the far windscreen of a hasty metro bus. Something is sullen about these scenes. Our paths cross only for a mome ...
Juae Park - Parkjuae
8 Apr—8 May 2021

Building a dwelling and creating an object with form were not always distinguished from one another in prehistoric times. The safety offered by permanent barriers to elements were not entirely without parallels to the security and auspiciousness delivered by formed images. As su ...
Changchang Yoo - Dear
25 Feb—27 Mar 2021

The spectator’s gaze into paintings is desperately pareidolic. As recognizable figures come forth from the canvas, the spectator feels assured and appreciative of the painter’s competence. Spectators with a working understanding of modern and contemporary art often harbor a qu ...
스나크: 붙잡는 순간 사라지는 것들 - The Snark: Suddenly Vanishing Away
5 Jan—6 Feb 2021

The exhibition The Snark: Suddenly Vanishing Away features artwork that reflects on the “Snark,” a figure in the eight-part epic nonsense literature poem The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits (1876) by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898). It is the adventure tale of people fr ...