Kim Chonghak - WINTER
17 Nov—17 Dec 2022

The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country. The earth lay white under the night sky. - Kawabata Yasunari, 'Snow Country' Kim Chong Hak has numerous nicknames, and Seoraksan Hwaga (Seoraksan Mountain painter) is one of them. He lived at the foot of Seoraksan ...
Ha Sang Rim - Solo Exhibition
13 Oct—12 Nov 2022

Plants, often their flowers, catch the artist’s gaze. They inspire and inform her works. Plum blossoms welcome spring, bursting into a flourish of full bloom as if to celebrate the passing of what is gone and to welcome the coming of another season - a new life. For the artist, ...
Haneyl Choi - 태 態 Manner
25 Aug—1 Oct 2022

Haneyl Choi creates sculptures with shapes of the body or parts of the body. Most of his works are made in series and each series is connected to each other. Several hand sculptures are abnormal. The pieces have an extremely smooth texture with its industrial plastic material ba ...
Hyunsun Jeon - Meet Me in the Middle
7 Jul—6 Aug 2022

Painter Jeon Hyunsun casts a question of whether or not the other can be wholly understood. The question is cast at herself, where she stands. If the other cannot be wholly understood, then it may be advisable to accept certain realities and keep a sensible distance to the other ...
Haekang Lee - 도깨비공원 DOKKEBI PARK
26 May—25 Jun 2022

Dokkebi Park is on Jeju Island, imagined and created by artist Lee Haekang's father. The park opened in 2005, only two years before the artist’s father passed away under unexpected circumstances. The park's future became uncertain. This liminal state of the park continued until ...
Woonghyun Kim - Crumpled Man
14 Apr—14 May 2022

Artist Woonghyun Kim’s solo exhibition Crumpled Man is evocative of an anthology film that strings together related snippets of stories with a singular theme or subject matter. The three snippet-episodes of Kim’s latest solo exhibition are the predicted man-made disaster of th ...
Donghyun Son - Ink on Paper Ⅲ
3 Mar—2 Apr 2022

Donghyun Son’s solo exhibition Ink on Paper III is the last of his three-part series on the theme of painting materials. Ink on paper is an iterative phrase on many of Son’s work descriptions. The three-part exhibition format came to the artist while he was contemplating new d ...
Yeongbin Yoon - Soft Touch
20 Jan—19 Feb 2022

Portable love, trees that bear firecrackers, skeletal being that dances flexibly. These are how Yeongbin Yoon refers to the objects present in her paintings. There is life within paintings. Bringing images to life has been the role of paintings across history, and this bringing- ...
20 Jan—19 Feb 2022

In 2021, Ahra Kim had an opportunity to enter the inner courts of Deoksugung Palace, one of five royal palaces in central Seoul. The opportunity came through a project opened within the venue. White walls, windows, and window frames. Kim found the indoor structures uncanny, unh ...