Alexandra Roozen - MONO SPACES
2 Mar—1 Apr 2023

The title of Alexandra Roozen's latest exhibition is based on the typographic terminology monospace, or non-proportionally spaced fonts, where the space between characters are entirely equal, without accounting for proportional width of the characters themselves. The TRACES Seri ...
Choulgue Jung - Later, later, later,
12 Jan—11 Feb 2023

Later, Later, Later is a solo exhibition by Jung Choulgue, a metaphor on the emotional and situational encounters that come with the human experience of loving the other. Set in northern Italy in 1983, film Call Me by Your Name (2017) follows the romantic relationship between El ...
Dasom Park - Drive
12 Jan—11 Feb 2023

Is it possible? A wholesome drive without depression? Park Dasom wrote a scenario more than a decade ago. It was a story of three sisters born roughly a decade apart?in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. The eldest declared she would not go visit her mother’s gravestone, and the other tw ...