Yoon Sang-Yuel - F E A R
22 Nov—22 Dec 2007

I am gazing into the target. The point I have to stare at will be decided when my body coincides with my spirit. Yet, my instinctive fear still exists even at the meeting point between my mind and body. - Yoon Sang-Yuel Fear, derived from socially stereotypical ideas and ex ...
Byunghoon Kim - Divine Trees
13 Sep—13 Oct 2007

Gallery 2 presents Kim Byunghoon’s solo exhibition, an artist whose work captures everyday urban forms. As if writing in a journal, Kim has consistently chronicled street scenes, trees and sunlight, and plant stems and leaves, recently expanding the sphere of his themes in his ...
Takashi Murakami - Takashi Murakami Prints
12 Jul—2 Aug 2007

Gallery 2 presents a print exhibition by Takashi Murakami, a representative Japanese Pop artist active at home and abroad. Based on Ukiyo-e, Otaku culture, and the superflat concept emphasizing two-dimensionality, Murakami has attained great success, blurring the lines between p ...
BAE BIEN-U & OH CHI-GYUN - Group Exhibition
29 May—7 Jul 2007

Bae Bien-U and Oh Chi-Gyun, who are both active in different mediums respectively, have for a long time addressed concrete natural objects and daily ordinary objects with a deep affection and profound concern, based on their childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia. Their wo ...