Seokho kang - seokho kang
12 Nov—12 Dec 2009

Gallery 2 presents Seokho Kang’s solo show.Since around 1999, Seokho Kang has painted a specific part of the human figure under the theme of ‘clothes.’ When strolling the streets or waiting on line, Kang finds something interesting, often a fragment of the appearance of the p ...
Sekyung Lee - Hair on the white porcelain
8 Oct—7 Nov 2009

Gallery 2 presents Germany based artist Sekyung Lee's solo show. She collects the plain white porcelain including plates and tiles and attaches human hairs on them. Lee explains why she began to work with hairs by a personal anecdote. She has kept long hair since childhood and ...
Hyena Kim - Those things I've done
27 Aug—26 Sep 2009

Gallery 2 presents Hyena Kim(b.1981)’s solo show, Those things I’ve done. Kim makes a drawing with story telling-you can find a character repeatedly appearing in her works to weave a story line. The drawings, varied in size from A4 to 4-5m wide, are presented as a series of di ...
Eunhye Kim - Present
16 Jul—8 Aug 2009

Gallery 2 presents Eunhye Kim’s first solo show. Kim painted various images of children for the last three years since 2005 to 2009. She depicts the children as another herself and as ourselves living in the modern world. As if it is too harsh for them to be alone, the children ...
HONG SEUNG HYE - Musical Offering
11 Jun—11 Jul 2009

Gallery 2 presents Hong Seung Hye’s solo show, Musical Offering, from 11th June for a month. Not only did Goethe, the eminent German writer, say that ‘architecture is a frozen music,’ but many painters including Monet and Kandinsky also commented on the relationship between m ...
Byunghoon Kim - GREEN
7 May—6 Jun 2009

GREEN Exhibition of Artist Kim, Byung-Hoon is being held between May 7 and June 6 in Gallery 2. He has long been recording the street views, trees, sunlight, stems and leaves of trees and remnants of travels as if in a diary. He is expanding the range of such topics and creating ...
Sojung Lee - Unfamiliar Holiday
3 Apr—2 May 2009

Sojung Lee is an artist known for organic abstraction with Korean traditional technique of Oriental painting. Sojung Lee uniquely unraveled ‘decisive jot’, the characteristic of Korean ink painting, with the automatic drawing form. The artist, who has put personal narration of ...
26 Feb—28 Mar 2009

Nakhee Sung, who is known for her series of abstract painting and wall painting resembling scratches, introduces her own unique world of visual language through 16 works of painting in this ‘Translation’. Her works, which attract our attention with gorgeous colors, are compos ...
- Random Tasks
15 Jan—21 Feb 2009

Participating artists including Kim young-zeen, Lee Eui-ju, Jackson Hong, Choi Byoung-il, and W & Whale show a distinct difference in their exhibition experience, special area of expertise, and scope for movement. Virtually unlimited freedom allowing them to pursue anything they ...