Osang Gwon - TORSO
11 Nov—19 Dec 2010

Gallery 2 presents Osang Gwon’s solo exhibition, Torso. While he has had several solo shows abroad, it is for the first time in four years in Korea since the exhibition at Arario Gallery, Cheonan in 2006, and almost in ten years in Seoul since the exhibition at Insa Art Space i ...
Ha Sang Rim - New paintings
7 Oct—7 Nov 2010

Gallery2 is pleased to present new works of Ha Sang-rim, who has expressed the image of flower in a unique color and style, from October 7 to November 7. In this solo show, New Paintings, about 20 works in various sizes are exhibited, somehow different from her previous works as ...
KDK(Kim Dokyun) - LINE UP
2 Sep—3 Oct 2010

Gallery 2 is pleased to present KDK’s solo exhibition, Line Up. KDK has processed the architectural space that he experienced in person, from its outer atmosphere to its skin and inner void, to conjure up a strange scene looking like a sci-fi film. This exhibition features abou ...
음 ? - UM ?
29 Jul—14 Aug 2010

“The platform was so dark and cold that I hurried on the train. The car was sparsely dotted with passengers, about seven including myself. They busily wandered around with the tickets in their hands and finally sat down at the reserved seat or elsewhere. I also found my place n ...
24 Jun—24 Jul 2010

Gallery2 [G2] The famous ‘Atomaus’ does not appear in this show. Dongi Lee [DL] This time I tried something new that had been in my mind for long. I always thought that I have complicated thoughts. The complexity of thinking had to be shown. G2 Indeed various eleme ...
20 May—19 Jun 2010

Gallery 2 is pleased to present a show of new works by Leehaiminsun and Chu Mirim, each of who interprets and reconstructs the city that we live in from a distinctive perspective. By composing mechanical material such as the format of pixel image or architectural drawing, the tw ...
Kazuna Taguchi - IT IS AS IT IS
13 Apr—15 May 2010

Gallery 2 presents Kazuna Taguchi's first solo show in korea. Kazuna Taguchi starts her work by assembling images of parts of faces from the numerous media that surround us in our daily lives. She then combines them in a photographic montage, paints a picture from the montage o ...
Jackson Hong - ECTOPLASMA
24 Feb—27 Mar 2010

Gallery 2 presents Jackson Hong’s solo show as its second exhibition of 2010. Concentrating on the everyday objects’ surface and the multiple layers of meaning projected and inscribed on it, the artist has kept working on what could it mean to make a concrete object and also t ...
Kiseog Choi - UNTITLED
14 Jan—13 Feb 2010

Gallery 2 presents Choi Ki-Seog’s solo show as its first exhibition of 2010. Choi is a sculptor (and professor at Kyonggi University) famous for his iron-welded sculpture, through which he has explored the materiality of iron and the relationship between its mass and the space ...