Hyena Kim - YES, YOU DID IT
10 Nov—11 Dec 2011

Gallery 2 presents a new solo exhibition by Hyena Kim, who uses both characteristic and randomly generated forms to translate her experience and emotions into paintings. This exhibition provides an ideal opportunity to experience Kim’s practice, which has become much more matur ...
Donghyun Son - Villain
6 Oct—6 Nov 2011

Gallery 2 presents an exhibition by Donghyun Son, an artist who has begun to gain attention for his unique brand of painting; a practice that brings together the techniques and compositional strategies of traditional Eastern painting with an engagement in subjects located in mod ...
Sojung Lee - CUTTAGE
1 Sep—2 Oct 2011

Gallery 2 presents Sojung Lee’s fifth solo exhibition, a new collection of works by an artist who uses the abstract and organic ink and wash techniques of oriental painting. This exhibition features more than twenty paintings from the ‘SCION’ series, exploring the theme of ‘ ...
SINN - M & M
7 Jul—6 Aug 2011

Gallery 2 is proud to present an exhibition by the Berlin-based artist SINN, featuring M&M, a series of works created between 2010 and 2011. The exhibition consists of an installation piece, seven graphite drawings and three metal sculptures made of metal that can be considered ...
Kyusung Jo - BLOW UP
2 Jun—3 Jul 2011

Blow Up, an exhibition by Kyusung Jo, an emerging artist whose work employs non-digital techniques to make surreal photographs. In the exhibition Jo presents seventeen of his most evocative works from a series entitled Bubble, begun in 2007, in which he captures soap bubbles fro ...
Byunghoon Kim - Calendar Photo
28 Apr—29 May 2011

Gallery 2 is delighted to present an exhibition of new works by Byunghoon Kim, a photographer capturing ordinary objects from a unique perspective. Kim has kept black-and-white photographing for the last ten years to take inconspicuous landscapes. The sentimental atmosphere of t ...
Duegyoung Lee - SUPERBLOCK
24 Mar—24 Apr 2011

Gallery 2 is pleased to present Superblock, an exhibition of new photographic works on Gangnam district in Seoul by Duegyoung Lee, who has looked through the peculiar visual qualities of Seoul originated from its condensed urban growth from various perspectives in motion. L ...
18 Jan—13 Feb 2011

Gallery 2 is pleased to present a group exhibition of the ones who start from the same point of departure to go one’s own way as artist, from 18 January to 13 February. This show features unique new works of seven young artists who have just finished or are about to finish the ...
Jeho Moon - BELT 2011
5 Jan—11 Jan 2011

BELT Print/Photo competition is one of the annual projects managed by the Korea Print Photo Promotion Association (KPPPA). For the past 15 years, BELT Print/Photo competition has support many young talented artists by providing a solo show at well known galleries around Insa-don ...