Seungjoo Kim - ODD LAND
8 Nov—9 Dec 2012

Gallery 2 presents the solo show of Seungjoo Kim who has worked with the motif of the ruler in diverse mediums. At the show Kim displays 10 three-dimensional works using each separate gradation of a ruler. Viewers are induced to have firsthand experience of escaping the frame of ...
Sekyung Lee - Transfer
4 Oct—4 Nov 2012

Gallery 2 presents the solo show of Sekyung Lee who has built a distinctive art world using hair. It is her second solo exhibition in Korea after returning from Germany. In the show Lee introduces her two-dimensional series Transfer, along with a carpet installation and photogra ...
30 Aug—30 Sep 2012

Gallery 2 presents Dongi Lee’s solo show Garden of Uncertainty. Lee has spearheaded pop art in Korea and is well known for the character, Atomaus. The exhibition brings 13 paintings he produced from 2007 up to the present together, focusing on showcasing the broad spectrum of h ...
KDK(Kim Dokyun) - b
31 May—8 Aug 2012

KDK’s solo show is to take place at the Gallery 2, two years after line up, his exhibition of 2010. The artist is presenting six large-scale pieces as a new series, b recalling stars and light in the night sky. Space and stars, the real and false These new pieces of wor ...
Eunhye Kim - Eunhye Kim
19 Apr—20 May 2012

Gallery 2 presents Eunhye Kim’s solo exhibition that brings together her 4 serial pieces titled “BODA”, which feature children’s close-up faces. Through the series, Kim reels off the meaning of “seeing,” facing her memories through the mirror of the canvas. Work taking ...
Kiseog Choi - Seog
15 Mar—15 Apr 2012

Choi Ki-Seog’s sculpture is a projection in steel welding of the primal form of nature. His one man exhibition takes place in Gallery 2. On show are 16 columns 3 meters high with a surface of diverse patterns. This work is an extension of his 30year involvement in steel sculptu ...
Hong Seung Hye, Lee Jin Oh, KDK(Kim Dokyun) - ka-talk archi-talk
17 Jan—12 Feb 2012

Three experts from different areas conducted an unusual type of collaborative project. The artist Hong Seung Hye, and Lee Jin Oh, the joint chief executive of architecture office SAAI participated in a redevelopment of the communal spaces of the Lim Kang tower, located in Migeun ...