Ha Sang Rim - drawing
10 Dec—16 Jan 2016

Ha Sang Rim, who has displayed plant shapes on canvas using a “tape drawing” technique, will for the first time present her photography work which has been the foundation for her painting. Every creature is born with a will to live. If there is any difference between a huma ...
Kiseog Choi - Seog
22 Oct—28 Nov 2015

Iron is strong. Even with a fingernail size piece, it does not lose its majesty. Iron melts at above 1500℃. Then, it hardens again. Manpower originated from iron. It was a weapon when fighting an enemy and a spoon when eating a meal. The strength, firmness, and sharpness ...
Suyeon Kim - Ghost - cast
3 Sep—10 Oct 2015

A solo exhibition of Suyeon Kim's Ghost Cast will be held at GALLERY2 2 from September 3rd to October 10th. Suyeon Kim, who taxidermizes the ambiguous boundary between existence and absence into painting, will present newly re-created stories of an encyclopedia, in this exhibit ...
Younghee Lee - Growth
23 Jul—20 Aug 2015

-Gallery 2 presents Lee Young hee solo exhibition <Growth> Lee younghee solo exhibition, The Growth and Development, will be held at GALLERY2 from July 23 to August 20. The artist, who went through a transition in her material from Jangji (rice paper) to canvas, will display ...
Donghyun Son - Ink on Paper
11 Jun—11 Jul 2015

<Ink on Paper 지본수묵 紙本水墨> Press release Donghyun Son will have a solo exhibition titled Ink on Paper at GALLERY2 from June 11 to July 11. This exhibition will present the artist’s most recent work after his solo exhibition Pine Tree in 2014. Since his early career, So ...