Eunsae Lee - Guilty - Image - Colony
24 Nov—22 Dec 2016

Gallery 2 presents the solo exhibition of Eunsae Lee titled “Guilty-Image-Colony.” Is it possible to perfectly represent an event or a scene? Is it impolite to believe it is possible? Of course, a recognition without an interpretation is impossible. There is no such thing a ...
Jaeyoung Jung - Black Moon
20 Oct—19 Nov 2016

Things have a life too (I think). However, the difference, compared to an animal/plant, is that they are not independent. The vitality of things are fueled by their user. We find it hard to throw out things though they have lost their original functions. This is not a matter ...
Sojung Lee - Mirror Stage
8 Sep—15 Oct 2016

The solo exhibition of Sojung Lee, entitled Mirror Stage, exposes multiplication and variations of shapes with delicate lines using sumi ink. It will be held at Gallery 2 from 8 September to 15 October . The rhythms of clouds, fury of waves, and blazing of flames. What can ...
Dongi Lee - Abyss
7 Jul—13 Aug 2016

Though it may sound ironic, I will forbid the use of the words ‘Pop Art’ and ‘Atomouse’ in this essay while talking about the artist Lee Dongi. When discussing Lee Dongi, those two terms always appear like the artist’s shadow. How clear and simple it is. However, clarity an ...
Ah-Bin Shim - Circle Triangle Square
28 Apr—31 May 2016

'Circle Triangle Square' the solo exhibition of Ah-Bin Shim, who instigates thinking from the audiences with simple and restrained images of shapes, is held at Gallery2 from 28 April to 31 May 2016. The movie 'Being John Malkovich' by Spike Jonze begins with Craig, the protag ...
Lee Juri - 미 끼 대 왕
28 Jan—12 Mar 2016

GALLERY2, The Solo Exhibition of Juri Lee, who raises a fundamental question through an imaginary image Juri Lee’s solo exhibition, which represents a landscape where a reality and an unreality are mingled in the arrangement of the shape conjured up by conscious and subconsc ...