Yi HyunJoo - Wrath, Wire, Crawling, Toddler
19 Oct—26 Nov 2017

Yi HyunJoo is an artist who expresses her art through the medium of a teddy bear. The artist chooses a teddy bear as a trusting friend that could, instead, expose her ego with child-like innocence. The angry bear shouts: "My head is messed up." "Exploding." "Annoyed." "Please ...
HUR MUN HEE - Island
7 Aug—19 Aug 2017

Facing impossible, hidden things. HUR MUN HEE's paintings are a narrative like a scene of a fairy tale and, at the same time, ambiguous like a riddle. Although they form specific background and shapes, their descriptions of every situation, in fact, are dotted with ambiguity ...
Cho Kiseob - Ping
24 Jul—5 Aug 2017

There is a black stone. The black stone revealing its dry surface to the blowing wind is in a deep color which seems to stop the flow of time, sucking up air around it. So I think it gives the picture a fairly weighty feeling unlike light that is reflected on the surface, weight ...
Kim bum ghun - WYSIWYG
10 Jul—22 Jul 2017

If we say we are engrossed in visual matters, in particular, is it the fallacy of hasty generalization. Who can resist and what is the evidence? Reviewing the history of humanity, we are living in the least dialectical and the most improvised time. An image makes it possible. ...
Alexandra Roozen - GREY MATTER(S)
8 Jun—8 Jul 2017

Alexandra Roozen (*1971, Purmerend, Netherlands) is an artist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She graduated with honors from the Art Academy St. Joost (1995) and regularly exhibits her work in art institutions and museums, including the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, CODA, Museum D ...
Jiye Kim - Saint Cherry
29 Apr—27 May 2017

Those who get infuriated by the destruction of a sacred statue are ones that admire the statue itself. And those who are content to see a sacred statue being admired by believers are ones that admire the statue itself too. Does the statue of the Virgin Mary really shed tears? ...
16 Mar—22 Apr 2017

Gallery2 presents Kim Suyeon’s Solo Exhibition Encyclopedia Scientists fail most of the time yet artists always fail. Scientists wanted to fly in the sky. They repeated experiments to prove their hypotheses. So, they lost their lives. Artists wanted to show invisible thi ...