Gunwoo Shin - Surface
15 Nov—15 Dec 2018

Shin Gunwoo's works can be summarized as "a sculptural act performing a theatrical situation." the figures in his relief work are front-and-center, as if it is delivering a soliloquy on stage. The background, or stage, is boldly omitted and abstracted with surreal tones at time ...
Hyunsun Jeon - Black Green Mouth
4 Oct—3 Nov 2018

Colorful geometric shapes neatly stacked on the canvas, the faint drips of paint and brushstrokes betray an otherwise seemingly layered composition of mixed media. What reason could this possibly have, and why have they been composed in this way? The gaze draws only further ques ...
30 Aug—29 Sep 2018

It happened in 2017. Suyeon Kim was in Taipei as an artist in residence when her exploration of bookstores won her a Japanese book of erotic depictions. Chunhwa, pronounced shunga in Japanese, are paintings of a man and a woman engaged sexually. Literally meaning spring painting ...
Donghyun Son - BODY & SOUL
12 Jul—11 Aug 2018

The exhibition can be divided into two bodies of work. One is about the portraits of the roles that the voice actor Hansung Bae had. Before the 2000’s, foreign movies or dramas were usually played in dubbed versions for the convenience of viewers. Famous actors even had specifi ...
Dongi Lee - Words
12 Jun—7 Jul 2018

LEE Dongi holds his personal exhibition <Words> at Gallery2 located in Pyeongchang-dong from June 12, 2018 to July 7, 2018. In this exhibition, LEE displays his approach toward art through words, rather than images, by collecting and rearranging words surrounding the modern day ...