Richard Kennedy - missed connections
12 Dec—31 Jan 2020

Theater has its etymological roots in the Greek word theatron, meaning seeing place, or more specifically the seating area section of an ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine theater. the theater was a favorite culture-and-entertainment venue of the ancient Greeks, and theater squ ...
Sojung Lee - Detectives
29 Aug—28 Sep 2019

Paintings sometimes reproduce tangible things, and at other times depict less tangible things from the artist’s mind. Wherever it comes from, it is borrowed from the outside world, relative to the canvas. To take that idea further, all things tangible or otherwise, seem to have ...
Haekang Lee - Mashed Potato
20 Jun—27 Jul 2019

Creating order requires an undertaking of taking a continuous yet irregular flow and binding them into a distinct whole that shares a certain property. To bind is to create a boundary, a line between the me-us and you-them. In a world ruled by order, our acute awareness of bound ...
Sejin Kwon - 1248
9 May—8 Jun 2019

Appreciating landscape painting is possible without any prior knowledge. Everything one needs to know is already contained in the frame; the grandeur and frivolousness of nature, the painter's capable strokes and sensibilities. They are there to be recognized. However, they are ...
You Hyeonkyeong - be happy
28 Mar—27 Apr 2019

When asked to explain her works, YOU Hyeonkyeong kept her silence for some time. She waited for the questions to come, while observing reactions. When she finally described her works, she used the term interaction. The word was used as it is, to describe the interdependence of t ...
Juae Park - Yourself, yours
14 Feb—16 Mar 2019

This happened in April 2017. Juae Park joined an artist's residency in New York. It was a decision made in search of a new creative driver for her work. Life in Big Apple was much more challenging than she had anticipated. Between the strange environment and the language barrier ...