13 Apr 2023 — 13 May 2023
Anders Krisar & Jin Meyerson

Johyun Gallery is pleased to present the duo exhibition TWO-FOLD by Anders Krisar and Jin Meyerson, curated by Cecilia Dupire from April 11 to 30. The show at Johyun Gallery will be the 2nd in a series of four exhibitions to present the two artists’ works, with the next two set to take place in GALLERY2 and Nobless Collection in Seoul. The first series was presented in CFHILL in Stockholm in 2022.

Written on the occasion of the joint exhibition of Jin Meyerson and Anders Krisar TWO-FOLD held in Stockholm at CFHILL:

This show examines the internal dialogues of two autobiographical visual accounts, primary gestures as personal negotiation; that embrace and speak to the artist’s own persona. Here the artworks stand as platforms of their untold stories. The pieces become places where the artists have lost and found themselves.

To comprehend the multifaceted complexities of Meyerson and Krisar, the way they see, think, and act, we need to understand their origins. Both have experienced traumatic events that have shaped their artistic processes. Culminating in two authentic and profound bodies of work, they speak to us with elegant poignancy, and rich honest expression.

Jin Meyerson’s paintings are extraordinarily dynamic. They constantly shift between various visual layers. Like an atomic explosion they inhabit a physical blast of energy that penetrates any barrier. Fireballs of intensity, his paintings reach us in shockwaves of color, line and light. Blended and separated, a dialectic collision of fusion and fission, become gateways into alternative worlds.

Anders Krisar’s sculptures are precise dissections of the body that force the viewer to complete a dialogue of absence within their own mind. The striking combinations of classical figurative form and brutal amputation, enhanced by an acute realism, shake our most profound inner feelings. Krisar explores patterns that attract and repel, in order to voice his most urgent intimate message. Krisar investigates the reduction of appearance through subtraction and elimination to arrive at an underlying concept.

Both of the artists engage with iconographic elements that transcend a parallel existence between the ephemeral and material world. They describe existence through distortion and supernatural truth. Their work shares an extraordinary mastery of style and technique that constantly investigates new avenues, though in vastly different ways.

Through an obsessive desire to express an innate melancholic longing to connect and to be seen, Krisar and Meyerson, have since they started their careers over two decades ago, stayed deeply committed and preoccupied with a central narrative constantly building on themes that question love, loneliness and transient sensuousness.

Jointly drawing on an appreciation of surrealist aesthetics, both artists act on the complexities of their respective histories, using conceptual metaphors to represent the human condition. Their artwork becomes intimate visual maps that explore, conceal and reveal transformative representation.

The Artists work presents a two-folded psychological effect, concealing one side to reveal new meaning. Throughout their oeuvres, Meyerson and Krisar use personal symbolism to capture fluctuating moments into a singular expression.

Written by Cecilia Dupire.