21 Aug 2008 — 20 Sep 2008

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Christian Stanicki
Windows on the World

Christian Stanicki, who has his first solo exhibition in Korea, presents his recent works from August 21st through September 20th. Working with unrestricted subject matter and in a very liberal manner, Stanicki demonstrates a sense of childlike innocence and purity through a wide variety of mediums thereby developing his own distinct philosophy of art. www.unlimited.com, installed in front of the Muhlenberg Center, is a typical work showing his liberal art world. The expression of soccer players, astronauts, airplanes, and angels appear innocent and ingenuous like paper handicrafts. However, we come to understand the real messages he wanted to convey when discovering another image in the whole of the work through the combination of each individual image.

Stanicki’s pieces on display at the exhibition Windows to the World show the further enhancement of his ‘play’. He presents an intricate, diverse world in multiple layers, various colors, and flexible expressions. Viewers are first confronted with two-dimensional drawings and paintings on the wall and then fall into a three-dimensional space the artist has created by pounding, cutting, and sawing a wide variety of materials such as markers, ballpoint pens, acrylics, oil paints, curtain cloth, and newspaper clippings, and then drawing and painting them with brushes. A work that begins from the wall extends to the infinite three-dimensional space over the widow, showing a space of possibility. Just like reading a book, viewers create a space for their own imagination in this never-ending imaginative world.

Windows to the World was originally the name of a famous restaurant located in the Word Trade Center in New York City that was demolished by the September 11th terrorist attacks. The attack caused New Yorkers to feel more than just a sense of loss for this symbolic building, but also the loss of each individual’s memories and a communal sense of sorrow. Yet at the same time, some might have been reminded of a magnificent and sensational movie scene. Like this, the artist wants to reflect on the diverse aspects of the intricate and complex insides of humans. Through the diffusion of emotions the artist pursuesm in this exhibition, the viewers will have an opportunity to imagine and feel sympathy for diverse aspects of the world over the window.
Mixed media
300 x 225 cm