26 Feb 2009 — 28 Mar 2009

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Nakhee Sung

Nakhee Sung, who is known for her series of abstract painting and wall painting resembling scratches, introduces her own unique world of visual language through 16 works of painting in this ‘Translation’. Her works, which attract our attention with gorgeous colors, are composed of basic elements of shapes - such as very simple colors, lines and planes - and the works which explores process of expression through the composition are new and unique interpretation of Nakhee Sung on ‘space’.

The works, through ultimately simple and expressive visual languages, shows sensual aspects in a suggestive implicit manner. Her own formal signs - coordinated figures of spots, flowing figures, traces of brushes, and scratch-like shapes - are expressed on canvas in her own language. These symbolic elements look like they are organically exchanging and expressively talking in such appearances which seem to be linked and, on the other hand, separated among them. Also they gradually evolve into a structure of ‘space’, which is harmonious and balanced, through unexpectedly dynamic twisting and repetitious spinning. These series of processes are evident to be gradually being symbolized even though the psychological and mental drift of the artist is unconstrained and geometric formative elements which are rhythmically unfolded are creeping away for somewhere. Continuity of this process flows, from the mind through eyes and even soul, deep into ‘space’.

At a glance it just seems to be unrestrained and light, but after watching the ‘Translation’ attentively, you can find that it is continuity of enormously rational works. The works of Nakhee Sung, which are characterized by her as continuity of endless anticipation and rapid process, continuously stimulate emotion of audience through harmony of moderated colors and geometrical components. She says that she does not think much when beginning a work but continue her work for a long time with speed blending her emotion and rationality offhand all through the work. In fact, when people continuously follow her work visually, we have a feeling like looking at a complicated blue print of a huge building and that is because she is reinterpreting a certain ‘space’ or ‘portion’ of her mind through her own simple and expressive visual language. The process of expression of her work: her emotions of each moment are compositely entangled with her changing thoughts and they are arranged within a canvas through intuitive visual language. Her own ‘space’ within her mind - which cannot be explained by a particular word - is in a brisk organic motion and is harmoniously constructed by formative language. They are conveyed into our sights through her own methods of expression.

Nakhee Sung tried to move freely over the depth of space so that sequence of ‘space’ of the work cannot be identified and intended to show the depth and balance of space through ‘Translation’. The artist diligently expressed harmony of emotion and rationality on a canvas as much as she can, and presented a crystalloid of harmony of emotion and rationality at the ‘Translation’.
Flashe and acrylic on canvas
120 x 130 cm