7 May 2009 — 6 Jun 2009

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Byunghoon Kim

GREEN Exhibition of Artist Kim, Byung-Hoon is being held between May 7 and June 6 in Gallery 2. He has long been recording the street views, trees, sunlight, stems and leaves of trees and remnants of travels as if in a diary. He is expanding the range of such topics and creating his own photographic ways. In the DIVINE TREE Exhibition of 2007, his photographs had the topic of sacred trees. Viewers can see lyrical and fantastic images of new plants which are unique for Kim in this GREEN Exhibition. The artist had doubts about human beings in cities, human relationship and structural devices. Through DIVINE TREE series and FOREST series, he expressed the existence and vitality of plants in artificial space from diverse perspectives.

On the nature, circulation and adaptation
Individuals within the nature instructively recognize that they can only exist in the nature and are important for maintaining the rules of nature. That is why they do not try to individualize themselves. They harmonize with trees, land and sky and respond sensitively to the atmosphere of night and day. They consider the whole as a single organic body and know how to accommodate for the order. The beauty of repetitions and circulations in nature exists as there is a new beginning after death and seasons come and go…… [From the Artist’s Note]

Warm sunlight felt in a monotone and the energy of plants in air
The GREEN Exhibition shows diverse expressions of plants with poetic beauty. Instead of being simple landscape views, his works are in the form of portraits of the subject (the nature) that contain ceaseless communications between the artist and subject. This exhibition is composed of black and white photographs that recorded his thoughts on plants while pondering upon animals and plants of China, Japan and Korea for several years. A photography book which contains his works with animals and plants including early photographs is also displayed.
100 x 150 cm