13 Apr 2010 — 15 May 2010
Kazuna Taguchi

Gallery 2 presents Kazuna Taguchi's first solo show in korea. Kazuna Taguchi starts her work by assembling images of parts of faces from the numerous media that surround us in our daily lives. She then combines them in a photographic montage, paints a picture from the montage on canvas, takes a photograph of the painting and then makes prints of the photograph. The person, or people, depicted are thus processed through montage, painting and then photograph, and at each stage their existence is made to change. The final photographs contain elements of our own everyday lives, and yet we have no experience of them.

The subject itself doesn’t exist, but its parts certainly do. Or perhaps the fact that those parts have been transferred through my hand to the canvas means that no matter how accurately I have portrayed them, they will end up being different from the originals. If so, you’d be correct in saying that the parts don’t exist either. It’s also not easy to photograph paintings accurately, and the same goes for the prints. I believe that the very meaning of "existence" is made to change through these various processes. I’m always thinking that by going through them I am trying to reach some kind of meaning. By complicating the work process I create a multilayered fiction, but by doing so I might be leading the viewer to a single interpretation. It's like I'm leading them, saying, “Come over here...” Kazuna Taguchi
Restoring the thing I've lost #2
Gelatine silver print, acrylic
147.6 x 120 cm