20 May 2010 — 19 Jun 2010

Gallery 2 is pleased to present a show of new works by Leehaiminsun and Chu Mirim, each of who interprets and reconstructs the city that we live in from a distinctive perspective. By composing mechanical material such as the format of pixel image or architectural drawing, the two artists conjure up another appearance of the city.

“Identity is changed according to what is connected to what.” - Leehaiminsun
Leehaiminsun makes various figure of strange insect or robot through recombination of architectural drawings that represent a categorized space with specific signs. The space reconstructed through drawing and painting is nothing but the space where most of citizens dwell in these days. Beyond the current logic of space, the artist attempts to make a fundamental change by deconstructing, interconnecting, reducing, or enlarging the existing order. But the concept of space is still there. What the artist keeps in her mind is a fluid space, whose spatial-temporal order is changed as the strict system of architectural drawing is dissected and stitched up again. In relation to the mechanical nature of architectural drawing, the unique reconstruction looks plausible like a natural organism.

“The big city is similar to the web and each pixel is like us in the city.” - Chu Mirim
As small pieces of puzzle form a big image, Chu Mirim offers a new perspective by juxtaposing a pixel and an individual, which are respectively the basic unit of web and society. Although those networks apparently look so obvious and easy to talk about it, in fact they have much more stories hidden and unsaid, just lingering in individual level. Against this desperate silence, Chu Mirim reveals the haunting stories stuck in the fringes of the individual conscious, touching the notion of systematic organization implicit in the word of ‘web’ and ‘society,’ and stepping on the nodes of such complicated relations.

As Leehaiminsun transforms the city into a spatial organism through de- and re-construction of architectural drawings, Chu Mirim discloses the emptiness of so-called ‘Web Life’ in documenting everything everyday. On the whole, their dual exhibition provides an interesting opportunity to catch a glimpse of the city from different point of view.
Installation view