29 Jul 2010 — 14 Aug 2010
음 ?
UM ?

“The platform was so dark and cold that I hurried on the train. The car was sparsely dotted with passengers, about seven including myself. They busily wandered around with the tickets in their hands and finally sat down at the reserved seat or elsewhere. I also found my place next to the window in the corner of the car. The outside view looked timeless; it was just like such a nightscape photo attached to the window that I touched the windowpane, at which I felt a chill and took my fingers off. I looked around again and one more passenger came in. As soon as he sat down and breathed out, as if it had been a signal, the conductor’s voice was broadcasted through the speaker. He said that it would take quite a long time to the terminal station and we were supposed to pass several other stations until to get there. The train started moving at last and eight passengers idled away their time silently. I was a bit nervous, for I did not know who they were and where they intended to go, but I was dead tired and fell asleep at once. While I woke up again and again between shallow sleep, someone cried ‘Wow, that’s the Polaris!’ and I slowly looked up out the window. The sky was pitch-dark and the Polaris was gloriously shining. I found that everyone else looked at the star, leaving the room in another silence. The conductor informed that the train would stop at the first station and all passengers started to pack their bags.”_Sunha Kim

Eight young artists who are going to finish or recently finished grad school come up with an exhibition titled um?, which implies a feeling of doubt, surprise, or exclamation. Just like the fresh spring buds, they are about to jump up on the art scene toward an uncertain future unknown to them. Wondering at everything with curious eyes, they take cautious but brave steps into the frontier to find their new territory.

Eve Gwak talks about the way of life through constructing an architectural space; Sunha Kim keeps describing the multi-layered unconsciousness; Gwangsoo Park finds images in everyday and modifies them in the language of fantasy; Kyoungmin Park explores the condition of gaze in a slow and steady way; Raejung Sim evacuates pathos through drawing endless images; Minjeong Ahn indirectly reveals the psychology of everyday through psuedo-scientific method; Sunah Oh deconstructs the proper meaning of things and reconstructs their poetic realm; Sooyoen Hwang dreams of a state of pure concentration through material game of puzzle without completion.

In the huge and overwhelming maelstrom of contemporary art, these young artists wander around to find an ideal post and grasp a personal and somehow na?ve truth to raise a question on life and art respectively. It might be interesting to see in this platform how the eight questions draw each own answer and the eight answers draw another questions in succession.
UM ?