5 Jan 2011 — 11 Jan 2011
Jeho Moon
BELT 2011

BELT Print/Photo competition is one of the annual projects managed by the Korea Print Photo Promotion Association (KPPPA). For the past 15 years, BELT Print/Photo competition has support many young talented artists by providing a solo show at well known galleries around Insa-dong and Chungdam-dong area. This year’s ‘BELT 2011’ is held from 8 galleries around Chungdam-dong area.

The main concept of BELT is to form a ‘belt’ around the exhibiting area so the artists can create a synergy effect by showing their work together. We would also like to present the uniqueness of print and photo works.

Moreover we select one artist from each section every year and invite them to ART EDITION (operated by KPPPA). We provide a booth to promote the nominated artists and support them to get recognition from both the art field and the art market.
This year’s finalist will be showing their work at Art Edition 2012.

Stayed in the shadows  
Etching, Aquatint 
60 x 90 cm