18 Jan 2011 — 13 Feb 2011


Gallery 2 is pleased to present a group exhibition of the ones who start from the same point of departure to go one’s own way as artist, from 18 January to 13 February. This show features unique new works of seven young artists who have just finished or are about to finish the graduate school of art. Those who have worked with the same medium of sculpture in their own different ways attempt to reconfirm what they want to express and which direction they are oriented, and to reveal their own stories in the form of sculpture through communication with others.

Taegyun Kim finds a method of assembling in his childhood memories of making toys so as to construct something like an imaginary skeleton. Jongoh Bae tries to solve a mysterious puzzle of making a mechanical apparatus, meticulously and concentratingly, to transform a simple motion into complicated movements; the final result is a sum of all the agony in the problem-solving process and of the ecstasy at the ultimate solution. Kyungil Lee creates a work with various forms of horn, claw, tooth, etc., which animals use to survive, with interests in the double side of attack and defense in the relationship between the self and all the other things in the world. Jongwook Lim presents a metal sculpture made with repetitive lines and hard labor. Jaeyoung Jung sees the relationship between nature and humans in ecological perspective, and asks herself and others whether all the pets named ‘HAPPY’ are happy as their name says; her works are based on the answers to it, showing the unhappy HAPPY. Gyumun Choe interprets the things into lines and planes through a method of radical drawing, so as to tear down the border between drawing and concrete things. Lastly, Sangwook Han thinks that all the matter is not based on its relations with others, its meaning, or functionality, but that matter itself is essential for all the relations and further emergence and metamorphosis; in this sense, he makes a sharp demonstration of human mind with various material.

This exhibition might be the first questions on life or art, raised by each young artist toward the outside world through his or her own language in the white cube. We are anxious to know what answers they would obtain to the careful but ambitious questions. Expecting their future course of career, we happily hope that they would establish as artists who are able to offer a new vision with a progressive stance.

Installation view