7 Jul 2011 — 6 Aug 2011
M & M

Gallery 2 is proud to present an exhibition by the Berlin-based artist SINN, featuring M&M, a series of works created between 2010 and 2011. The exhibition consists of an installation piece, seven graphite drawings and three metal sculptures made of metal that can be considered SINN’s signature style material.

Associative thinking that began with M&M
SINN gained inspiration for her works while walking in Manhattan and spotting a sign for the M&M chocolate brand. She began doing some associative thinking around the letter M and its use as an initial. These associations led her to think of other phrases, so that notions such ‘Manhattan & Man’ and ‘Metal & Method’ became her primary materials, while ‘Man & Mankind’ became a kind of theme. The chocolate M&M was associated with the theme of La Dolce Vita, A Sweet Life, prompting her contemplations of the urban living space.

Metal with capabilities of projection and reflection a symbol of unceasing and circulating energy
Metal is a primary material for SINN, as a media that symbolically reflects her themes. A persistent part of the construction of our urban surroundings, metal is generally characterized by its capabilities for projection and reflection. Drawing upon these characteristics, a mainstay within SINN’s work is the attempt to represent the constant circulation of conflicts and communications among the indefinite energies of life within cities. She effectively embodies the physical and philosophical principle that energy doesn’t disappear but instead converts into different forms, during the processes of projection and reflection. She polishes the aluminum surface with sandpaper, then colors it with paint before it is engraved with sharp tools. In particular, this exhibition draws notable attention to the effects of the material by giving special focus to basic elements of form such as dots, lines, planes, etc.

Simplified and symbolic shapes
In the upcoming exhibition, shapes are simplified and become symbolic within the three-dimensional works and graphite drawings, and they thereby metaphorically represent the relationships between the artist and the world, as well as between individuals and society. Within the depiction of society, recurring motifs including stars, heart symbols, trees and wings convey the message that individuals continue to live, coexisting instead of losing their ideals within society.

SINN symbolically embodies the appearance of the modern city using metallic materials. Hopefully her message communicates to society at large, as a sort of energy that circulates warmly within culture, along with the bright prosperity that her career promises, as she continues to explore herself, society, and humanity with unlimited curiosity.
Installation view